Hello lovelies!

First I wanted to apologize for not posting last weekend. My girls carried me off for my surprise hen party. We had a really good time and lots of fun, but unfortunately I couldn’t make time to write a new blog post. But today, I have a brand new vegetarian recipe for you: my gorgeous double breaded kohlrabi schnitzel with a hearty potato pea mash. It is so easy and super crispy and everyone will love the pimped version of mashed potatoes 😉

Double Breaded Kohlrabi Schnitzel With Mashed Peas And Potatoes

For 2 portions you need:

  • 2 kohlrabi with leaves
  • 1 egg
  • breadcrumbs
  • 300g floury potatoes
  • 100g peas
  • 1 piece butter
  • salt, pepper, nutmeg
  • oil for frying


First you remove the leaves of the kohlrabi and put them aside. Then you peel them and cut two thick slices out of the middle part of each kohlrabi. Save the leftovers for later. Next you bring a lot of salted water to a boil and cook the kohlrabi slices according to their thickness for three to five minutes. After that just lay them on a clean kitchen towel to dry. Now you can peel and dice the potatoes. Put them in a pot with the peas and lots of water and bring everything to a boil. Then pour in some salt and cook until done.

In the meantime you can bread the kohlrabi slices. Therefor beat the egg with lots of salt and pepper in a soup plate and fill another soup plate with breadcrumbs. Now you dip the kohlrabi schnitzel into the egg mixture, then the breadcrumbs, then the egg mixture again and finally the breadcrumbs again. Repeat until all kohlrabi slices are done. After that you fry the kohlrabi schnitzel in a big pan with lots of oil until golden brown and crispy on both sides. Meanwhile you can finish the mashed potatoes. Just roughly drain them- you want some cooking liquid to remain in the pot. Then add a piece of butter, salt and some freshly ground nutmeg to your veggies and roughly mash them.

Now you are ready to eat. By the way, the leftovers from your kohlrabi make a great side. Just cut them into small pieces and chop the leaves. Then you fry the kohlrabi with some oil or butter and season to taste with salt and pepper. You can also add it to this dish. For us it was too much kohlrabi, so we just used up the leftovers the next day 😉


Have fun!

XOXO, Stef

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